A Superstar on Social Media Tiffani Walker

Today we had a fabulous interview with Tiffani Walker. Jessica, founder of Customer WOW Project, has been watching her on social media and found her to be very successful what she does. Here is what Jessica learned in the interview.

Tiffani has a mission in life to empower people to be their own boss. She enjoys interviewing different people to give valuable information that can be shared and passed on. We want to give a big thank you to all her sponsors to keep this service going.

Although she is located in the Pittsburgh area, she is passionate to have the message spread worldwide.
When discussing social media channels, Tiffani had a great suggestion to have a clear plan of action and purpose for each one. She has found each channel has a different purpose. Her Instagram has a different purpose than Facebook. That makes perfect sense since each channel attracts different demographics of people.

As we continued the conversation, she says her secret to success in social media is to know your role in this world and be clear on your social media channels. You need to be clear as to what value you offer to people. Great advice!

Her favorite channels to utilize are YouTube and Instagram. On YouTube, some of her famous topics are Stop Self Sabotaging Your Success, Levels In Business, The Gift of Forgiveness, and many more.

You can check out her social media channels at her site embracelifemedia.com.

Social Media Tiffani Walker

Social Media Tiffani Walker

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