Social Wow

What is Social WOW?

Social WOW is a technique for effectively using social media to build lasting business relationships and boost sales.

The term social media is everywhere but what does it really mean?

Social media as a way to be found and communicate with current and potential customers online. In today’s business climate there are many sources of social media, that is growing at a rapid pace.

If you’re not actively involved and using the right methods you are missing out on many great opportunities to reach out to both your current and potential clients. For a moment we’re going to focus on the incredible Facebook statistics.

  • Facebook announced 1.06 billion active users as of December 2012 – that’s a growth of 25% over the previous year.
  • Daily active users were 618 million (on average) – a 28% year over year increase.
  • Mobile monthly active users were 680 million for the same time period – with the largest increase from December 2011 of an astonishing 57%.
  • According to Technorati,Facebook alone influences 30.8% of purchasing decisions

Twitter, Pinterest and LinkedIn are growing at a rapid pace. Your current or potential customers may be there!

What do these statistics mean to you?

Your business is missing out if you’re not taking advantage of all that the internet has to offer.

If you are overwhelmed and confused on how (and where) you should utilize social media we are here to help. Our services will assist you in determining where you should focus your time and energy.

The choice is yours, you can:

  • Sit back and do nothing, while your competitor soars ahead.
  • Learn social media and marketing – and make a go of it on your own.
  • Talk to the team at Customer WOW Project and take advantage of our FREE 15 minute consultation where we’ll ask you questions to get you thinking about how you can best spend your time and your money.

“Jessica’s team.  They have completely removed that “keeping up” burden from my operation by handling everything social.  Whew, thank God!  They don’t just POST, where most businesses get it wrong, they ENGAGE and create conversation, generating RESULTS.  Our new Fan Page on Facebook, was meandering along with 20-30 likes, adding more as fast as a sloth in the hundred-yard-dash, and then Jessica went to work.  In less than 3 days we broke 100 likes, extended our reach into the thousands, and started getting engaging responses and interaction from the social world.  Rock on, Jessica….and, THANK YOU!  Looking forward to our 1st million “likes”.  :) ” Aaron A.

We coached Laura, who owns an Accounting firm, on how to utilize social media effectively. Here is her comment:

WOW is amazing!  Shortly after utilizing Jessica Peterson‘s consulting on how to use Facebook … I landed a great new client via my Facebook page!   Jessica is fantastic to work with and truly knows how to get your marketing voice out there!  I highly recommend Customer WOW Project for anyone who wants to acquire new customers as well as keep your regulars coming back for more!” Laura S, Colorado

What an energizing fun testimonial! Thank you Ryan Cowboy Ehmann

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