Social Media Business Plan

social media business plan

Are you ready to take your business to the next level?



Are you ready to take your business to the next level?

Imagine being able to see what is happening for your brand online from your prospect’s point of view. We take a look at your brand reputation and find solutions to vamp it up. We look to see who the key influencers are, and we make it possible for your intrinsic Core Values to be seen by your prospects.

We review your existing Social Media and discover key ways to leverage what you are already doing so you can generate even more results.

You will also see what is going on for your competitors, how effective your Search Engine Optimization is, what keyword phrases your prospect is typing in to find you online and much more. We share how you CAN leverage your existing Social Media to improve the overall effectiveness of your existing marketing.

We become an extension of your team, and in every situation, we show your company how to extend the life of its marketing campaigns while leveraging existing budgets to create better results in less time and decreasing the strain on your budgets. Learn how you can become the  AUTHORITY in your industry and dominate the Internet with the right social media.

We discover ideas and opportunities. We have created a simple system guaranteed to generate massive results. With your $1,500 investment, your custom Quick Start guide to Social Media can begin implementation!

Yes, it gets even better…

In addition to sharing our SOCIAL MEDIA Review, we can also give you specific ideas on how to leverage your existing campaigns and create a media buzz around your specific events:

  • We invite you to an interactive and fun meeting with our top SOCIAL MEDIA Strategists and our top Online Strategists, where we can share some insights to what is happening right now in social media and what is possible for you.
  • We guarantee you will walk away with incredible value, understanding how  to utilize this medium for your company and also understanding this is
    the correct strategic path for your company now and in the future.

What to expect…

A typical virtual meeting lasts 90 minutes. Many times we are asked to stay longer because the team has questions for us. This requires a convergence of your company ideas and goals by your team prior to meeting in order to get the most value for your time.

The flow of the meeting is:

1. Ask a few questions of yourself and your team.

2. Walk you through our SOCIAL MEDIA Review findings.

3. Share specific ways to leverage SOCIAL MEDIA and your existing Social Media.

4. Answer questions from you and your team.

5. Share our suggested strategy.

6. Create a checklist to get you to your next steps.


What is value added:

  • We have our team research your brand online and capture what is happening from your prospect’s online search perspective.
  • We create a fun and interactive presentation to review with you and your team.
  • In approximately 90 minutes, we walk you through what we have discovered.
  • We walk away knowing you have a clear understanding of how SOCIAL MEDIA could work for you.
  • Should you choose to have our SOCIAL MEDIA team work with you, we give you a reasonable credit bundled into your customized Social Media Business Plan.

Here is what David Lykken had to say about our team of experts:

“Have you ever wondered how it is that some people on using Social Media seem to have cracked the code on how to connect with business opportunities? They put together an impressive step-by-step action plan that was detailed and comprehensive. Best of all, it is working and I have only just started working the plan! I highly recommend them to anyone who is in serious need of a social media marketing plan.

I was so impressed with what they have done for me that I have invited them to come on my radio program ( to share some of their key social media strategies and ideas with our listeners.”

customer wow

How can I get started?

Total Investment: $1,500

Please allow 3-4 business days for our team to complete their research development. Once we have the green light from you to research your brand, your current assets, and your current opportunities, the team will present their findings.

One of our top Social Media Strategists will then review the research and put together recommended plans and create a simple checklist. (Your Quick Start checklist!)

We educate, interact and clarify as we move through the meeting, and Customer WOW Project is here to listen, implement and tailor your needs throughout the entire process.

Should you choose to have our team implement your Social Media System, you will receive an account credit for taking it to the next level. Don’t miss your chance to start 2014 with a clear, concise and profitable Social Media Business Plan!


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