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I had the pleasure of talking with Matt Shoup, the president of M&E Painting. Matt founded M&E Painting in 2004 with only $100 to his name and turned the company into a multi-million-dollar powerhouse. M&E is constantly receiving positive attention in the media for its innovation, reputation and humanitarian efforts.  To me, Matt is a Rockstar, and his new book “Become An Award Winning Company” is a must-read for all small business owners. He is currently offering a free workbook that is priceless and can be obtained at


Ironically, he claims he is not the best painter, but he knows how to run a very successful painting company full of energetic and talented painters and support staff.  He is a bit of a visionary–helping others create practical steps to achieving their goals and dreams.  His hobbies are time with family, health and fitness and travelling (especially to Spain).


Matt loves being an entrepreneur and started his entrepreneurial ventures at a very young age.  When I talked with Matt, he explained the economical approach to marketing and gaining new relationships he employed at the beginning of his venture–good old door knocking.  To build enduring relationships and WOW his customers, he tries to continue to keep it simple and real. It was interesting to hear that he has not found email marketing to be effective. According to Matt, good old fashioned mail works best.  We concur 100%.  That is what is about.  Matt suggests focusing on the top raving fans. Typically this is 5% of your customers. He does this with things like personalized cards and a customer BBQ.   These sorts of gestures display gratitude for customers who repeat business and generate more business with their referrals.  It just makes sense when you consider how much more energy and effort is required to get a new customer verses taking care of the customers you have already pleased.  We could not agree with Matt anymore!


If you are interested in speaking with Matt, he is open for free consultations. He is currently assisting painters, lawn companies, and dentists and would love to add more professions to his list of companies helped by his practical wisdom. He loves to assist with goals, analyze where companies are having success and find ways to rocket success to new levels.



Matt Shoup

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  1. Jessica..I love that you are showcasing business owners who are ding things the right way from the ground up. There are so few businesses who work the old fashioned way any longer…and it’s nice to know that they are still around and providing services. Great article, lady!

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