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There is a gentleman by the name of Eric Lofholm. We have been watching his posts on Facebook because not only is he a great guy but he is doing amazing things!

Have you ever wondered what to talk about on Facebook? What good is taking place on Facebook? Recently we did discuss how Facebook literally saved one gentleman’s life. It was very inspirational and highly recommend you view it here. We will now discuss Eric Lofholm and what success he has had on Facebook posts.

We went ahead and took some of his recent posts and placed them below. What is your favorite Facebook post that Eric posted? What is the best Facebook post you have seen? If you still lost regarding what to post on Facebook, we are here to assist. Contact us here. 

Here are Eric’s Facebook posts, We hope it inspires you on what to post on Facebook.

“The way I use Facebook is as a publishing strategy. I create posts for the purpose of creating value. You might think about doing something similar if you are looking to get a message out there.”

“Do you want to be more successful? One of the keys is people need to know you care about them.”

“Eric’s affirmation for today – The more positive I am the more positive I attract! Post your affirmation below.”

“One of the keys to connecting is for the other person to feel that you care about them. This is true in all kinds of relationships.”

“Facebook friends I am heading into uncharted business waters seeking new levels of success. It is going to
require a lot of help so you will be seeing a series of posts asking for help and support.”

“I have a favor to ask. My Facebook as been blowing up lately. If you like or comment on my post I would love for you to share why you do with a comment below. I think you sharing can help all of us get better at connecting on Facebook.”

“One of the biggest keys to growth is being open to it. Many people just aren’t open. Open up your mind and your heart and the growth will happen.”

“Be generous with your likes. When you like someone’s post it is like you are sending them a warm smile over Facebook.”

You can reach out to Eric and connect with him at www.ericlofholm.com/

Eric Lofholm

Eric Lofholm

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