The Very Best Email Auto-Reply I’ve Ever Seen!

The Very Best Email Auto-Reply I’ve Ever Seen!

Have you ever heard the old joke from the Real Estate business that goes like this:

In establishing the value of a house, what are the three most important factors?

The wise Real Estate agent would always answer:

Location, location, location.

In other words, the area the property is located in is so important; everything else you could say about it hardly matters.

Do you recognize this joke now?

You probably do. However, sure…you may recognize it, yet do you know the valuable lessons that you can learn from this joke and apply to your building your own Brand Identity and Better Business Relationships?

Well, if you’re open to it, you’re about to find out.

This past month our firm was asked to schedule a meeting with TR Garland. After the meeting was booked via his online calendaring service, we noticed a great email auto-reply.

And, it was too good to not share!  It went like this:

Thank you for your meeting request.

 It means a lot to me that I stay in close contact w/ valuable people in my network – like you.

 Please bear w/ me as I’m most likely working on one of the below projects. I’ll confirm your meeting request shortly.

 As you’re probably aware, this year is very exciting for me w/ numerous projects going on such as:

 ***Get More Speaking Gigs With Ease™ Program***

ATTN: Speakers, Authors, & Coaches who are tired of roller-coaster-income due to lack of speaking gigs or invitations to be a guest on webinars, podcasts, and telesummits. 

 This program will teach you a proven system how to secure more stages in under 20 minutes a day.

 ***The Industry Insiders™ Experience***

Invite-Only Membership Community that immerses emerging Speakers, Authors, & Coaches behind-the-scenes to teach them the ins-and-outs of the A-List’ers who have international brands.

 ***Private Coaching***

I truly enjoy connecting on a personal level and using my experience to propel 5-Figures peeps to 6-Figures and 6-Figure peeps to 7-Figures. Please don’t let my insight go to waste. I’m here to help.

 Looking forward to speaking soon.

Be more than ordinary…

 TR Garland

Wall Street Journal® Award Winner

#1 Best-Selling Author of Building The Ultimate Network

Speaker, Author, & Coaching Industry Veteran and Insider

 (Once TR Garland accepts the appointment you will get an email notification. In case you want to contact TR Garland or see the appointment details click below)”

 What do you think?  Pretty unique, isn’t it?

Well, it gets better (for you).

When I reached out to TR and asked his permission to use his Auto-Reply as the topic for this blog post, I got the following friendly reply in return.  Please read it carefully as it’s got valuable tactics that YOU can use right away to WOW your prospects and the people you work with.

Good evening, Jessica.

 I’m so happy that you ‘get it’ – meaning that you are keen enough to realize this ninja-like tactic that I’ve been using for years that is absolutely amazing!

 You must be a great Branding & Messaging Expert (wink, wink).  I can’t wait to talk with you.

 I’ve always said that ‘the most valuable real-estate’ for anyone’s business is in their communication channels:


  • Their Business Card
    • I always encourage the use of the Tent-Card that opens up.  This way they can have a regular card on the outside and their customer testimonials or PR praise on the inside.
    • Their Outgoing Voicemail Message
      • Yep, the one that every person needs to listen to before leaving you a message.  Just think of the things you can make the listener curious about.
      • Their Email Auto-Reply Feature
        • When someone sends you an email, they’re expecting an email in return.  Therefore, when they get an email from you, it’s got their attention.  Strategically placing things in an Auto-Reply that you want them to ask you about is going to help you get rapid & repeatable results.


What I mean by this is that people are wasting opportunity after opportunity to pique people’s interest and compel people to inquire about the projects they’re working on. 

 The space (i.e. inside of business card, outgoing voicemail message, auto-reply feature) is there….use it wisely!

 In essence, if you don’t Control-the-Conversation in your favor, you may miss out on your next lifetime client or promotional partner who refers you prospect after prospect.

How about that for learning TR’s “3 Ways to Get Your Prospects to Ask You About Your Products– Without Costing You a Dime”?

So, to bring this conversation full circle let’s refer to the Real Estate joke from above.  Do you remember when it said, “…the area the property is located in is so important; everything else you could say about it hardly matters”?

Well, with TR’s encouragement and insight, I now say, “…your outgoing communication channels are so important, because NOTHING else matters if you can’t WOW the people who you’re communicating with”.

I suggest you take this valuable lesson that TR was kind enough to share and put it to use today.

Let’s end today’s conversation by asking YOU this question:


Jessica Peterson

Founder of Customer WOW Project

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