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Our Founder Jessica Peterson was recently interviewed by the amazing Hugh Liddle, with Red Cap Sales Coaching. You can view it here

This past week Hugh wrote a great article. It was one that was too good to not share. We highly recommend you watch his posts. He is a master in sales.

The article we read was titled It’s All About Me. Networking principles apply the same online and offline. When you meet with someone in person or on social media, including but not limited to Facebook, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Twitter, Google+, there are the same guidelines to make it a success. Here are his highlighted points:

• When you meet someone for the first time, be interested, not interesting! Ask them questions about themselves and their lives. Limit what you share about yourself to the areas of common ground you’ve found with them. This is rapport building at it’s best.

• When you talk about your products or services, talk about what those will do for your prospect…what’s in it for them if they become your customer, client or patient. Avoid using I, we, us, my, our, mine, etc. Instead, craft your value statement conversation as “you and your” messages.

• Make your prospect the entire focus of your sales conversation. Their wants, their needs, their thoughts, their feelings, their challenges, their goals, their wants are what’s important during the conversation. It’s all about them….it’s NOT about you!

Out of these we really value the points to take an interest in others. From there show it in your verbiage. Last, but not least, remember it is not about you but them!

What was your favorite tip from this article? Do you utilize these tips when networking on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Google+ or Pinterest?

To read the full article by Hugh Liddle, click here

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