Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is there an option to pay monthly?

A: Yes. It is more expensive, but if this interests you, then please email specifying you would like more information.

Q: Why did Jessica Peterson create Customer WOW Project?

A: Jessica has a strong passion for assisting business professionals and their clients in their business relationships. She enjoys seeing the business professional take a personal interest in their clients, boosting their business, and the ability to create opportunities to show clients you care.

Q: Is my client’s information safe and not shared?

A: Yes, your client’s information is stored securely and not shared with any parties not involved with our client services.

Q: What should I expect by investing in social networking and social media?

A: Every business is different, but we can tell you that it is important to be doing something. When is the last time you googled or did a search online? The majority of people are doing just that. We specialize in creating a Social Media Business Plan with guaranteed results! We have assisted many firms with being found on the front page of google which led to their obtaining new business and referrals by social networking.