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Today we are doing a write up about an article we recently read. It is titled Do The New by Greg Petri.

At Customer WOW project one of our favorite quotes is “The Best Experience Is A New One”. When is the last time you tried something new? It can be easy for some companies and not so easy for others.

The article starts off with a great question:

Why should you want to do new things, to accelerate change, get out of routines, ruts and automaton behaviors? 

One of the answers is as follows:

Change is happening faster today, at a more accelerated rate than ever before in the history of Mankind. 

Would you agree with the statement? If you reflect over the last ten years, what changes have we seen? Social media did not hold over a billion users. Cell phones can now access the internet. The amount of websites has soared.

Most of us think, no, change is rampant, out of control, and we are on the historic edge of evolution that is unstoppable, where change is happening so incredibly fast that it is driving us all crazy.

Do you agree with Greg’s statement that change is out of control? Are things changing too fast?

Change is happening more as a unified singularity, all at once everywhere and every-when, as things are changing in Beijing, in New York City, in Duluth, on Neptune—all at once.

Greg finalizes the article with this great statement: Maybe if we expand our concepts of time and change, we will welcome it, explore life, be more adventurous and become magicians and masters of change and time and live charmed lives, and welcome getting out of our comfort zones and our routines and blind commitments to overused and expired ideas and activities that no longer serve us.

What great insight when you look at change, it is everywhere and in harmony. We are all working together. What activity or idea is no longer serving you and your company? With social media and technology growing and changing so fast, will you embrace change in the world?

To read Greg’s article, please click here 

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