Define Social Networking

A popular question is ” How do you define social networking?”

An easy explanation is as follows: it is a way to network and be social. When we sit down with companies,  we discover that many shout out information and are not social.

We suggest each time you write a post, to imagine a person standing in front of you. Is it engaging? Is it captivating to your audience? Are you building trust? Are you bringing value? Are you showing appreciation for them?

We recently came across a great photo explaining it. To view the link, click here

What is your favorite part of the social media life cycle when it comes to defining social networking? How would you define social networking?

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  1. Great questions that got me thinking. Social networking is so important and an affordable way to build brand awareness and engage our audience. I am challenged at times to keep up with the various social sites. Facebook is easy for me to stay on top of, Twitter is more of a challenge. Posting and walking away doesn’t work well. That’s just throwing something out there and hoping it sticks. Our audience wants to know they are communicating with us directly and when we respond back and engage in real time, they feel more connected to us (which is the point).

    Thank you for this post!!

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