Good Selling

Our Founder Jessica Peterson was recently interviewed by the amazing Hugh Liddle, with Red Cap Sales Coaching. You can view it here This past week Hugh wrote a great article. It was one that was … [Read more...]

Do Something New

Today we are doing a write up about an article we recently read. It is titled Do The New by Greg Petri. At Customer WOW project one of our favorite quotes is "The Best Experience Is A New One". … [Read more...]


Recently we came across a great article regarding networking by Andrea Sullenger. Do you find it difficult to network? Have you been to a networking function and not have much success? In the … [Read more...]

Featured Article: “The Softer Side of Networking: Authenticity” By Sabrina Risley

Authenticity is key to successful networking.  Below is an article with suggestions on how to let the REAL you shine through in business conversations! The Softer Side of Networking: … [Read more...]

Featured Article: “The Softer Side of Networking: Heart” by Sabrina Risley

Customer WOW Project believes that building enduring customer relationships is key to a successful business.  The article below describes how you can network with a heart-centered approach and tells … [Read more...]