Importance Of Having Facebook Fan/Business Page

Importance Of Having Facebook Fan/Business Page Having a strong Facebook presence can take your business to the peak. Facebook allows businesses to have their page for free which helps to build … [Read more...]

Define Social Networking


A popular question is " How do you define social networking?" An easy explanation is as follows: it is a way to network and be social. When we sit down with companies, ¬†we discover that many shout … [Read more...]

What To Post On Facebook

Eric Lofholm

There is a gentleman by the name of Eric Lofholm. We have been watching his posts on Facebook because not only is he a great guy but he is doing amazing things! Have you ever wondered what to talk … [Read more...]

Good Selling

Our Founder Jessica Peterson was recently interviewed by the amazing Hugh Liddle, with Red Cap Sales Coaching. You can view it here This past week Hugh wrote a great article. It was one that was … [Read more...]

Did you know you could talk to yourself on Facebook?

You may be wondering or asking yourself, what on earth is this post about? Talk to yourself on Facebook? When you go to post on Facebook, it gives you the option to share the post with everyone in … [Read more...]