Define Social Networking


A popular question is " How do you define social networking?" An easy explanation is as follows: it is a way to network and be social. When we sit down with companies,  we discover that many shout … [Read more...]

The Very Best Email Auto-Reply I’ve Ever Seen!

The Very Best Email Auto-Reply I’ve Ever Seen! Have you ever heard the old joke from the Real Estate business that goes like this: "In establishing the value of a house, what are the three most … [Read more...]

Good Selling

Our Founder Jessica Peterson was recently interviewed by the amazing Hugh Liddle, with Red Cap Sales Coaching. You can view it here This past week Hugh wrote a great article. It was one that was … [Read more...]

Client Relationship

Forging A Fascinating Client Relationship Large corporations around the world spend millions of dollars every year just to figure out how to maintain customer confidence, how to ensure the finest … [Read more...]

Featured Article: “Sprout Additional Business by Cultivating Current Client Relationships” by Sabrina Risley

Here at Customer WOW Project, we believe in building enduring relationships.  Last week we shared an article with ideas on how you can nurture your current client relationships so your business will … [Read more...]