Case Studies

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A company came to us with little exposure on Facebook. They wanted to raise awareness and create a good image online. With an investment of $1500 total, here are the results. As you can see, over 40,000 times their company obtained exposure. That is under 4 cents for each exposure!


Likes as of Nov 1:    238

Likes as of Nov 30:  2,138

Number of Posts:   35

Total Number of Interactions (shares, comments and likes):  141

Total Post Reach: 34,647

Organic: 2,174

Paid: 32,473

People Engaged: 244 

Shares: 4

Likes: 214

Comments: 26


Summary:    We ran six different Facebook Campaigns that included boosting posts and creating ads.  Below is a breakdown of each campaign with the respective results.  The total spent on Facebook advertising in November  was $135.59.


They had another page built for their community. Here are some statistics

Likes as of Nov 1:    522

Likes as of Nov 30:  596

Number of Posts:  35

Total Number of Interactions (shares, comments and likes): 123

Total Post Reach: 9,013

Organic:  1,998

Paid:  7,015

People Engaged: 96

Shares: 11

Likes:  69

Comments:  16


Summary:    We paid $10 to boost a post for one day. This post reached 1,281 people

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