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who is customer wow

Jessica Peterson

Customer WOW Project is all about building business relationships. When business relationships are built, it naturally creates stronger communities and more business to you. Word of mouth marketing if powerful. It feels good to know you are a business that stays in touch and shows you care!

Do you have the following concerns?:

  • How can I maintain or boost my business relationships?
  • How can I show my community or the world that I am a business that cares?
  • How do I reverse the chase for the next deal and have it come directly to me?
  • What can I do to maintain customer retention and grow my client base?
  • How do I get my past customer to talk about me?

If so, now it is time for you to ask yourself these questions:

  • What are you doing to WOW potential clients online?
  • What are you doing to stay in front of your customers AND keep them feeling appreciated?
  • What are you doing to build enduring personal relationships with your clients to keep them coming back and referring you to their business partners?

At Customer WOW Project, we want your customers to find YOU, remember YOU and remain loyal to YOU.  That is how we came up with our name.  We want you and your customers to think or say “WOW!” Our upcoming Facebook WOW Training Modules will help you get started after completing your 2014 Social Media Business Plan. 

Our Founder, Jessica Peterson, is a highly sought out consultant and speaker who teaches social media and digital marketing concepts to businesses across the country.

As a certified Social Media Coach, with a specialization in Facebook, she has trained hundreds of professionals on how to build their business using proven methods that include not only Facebook, but also, Google, LinkedIn, Twitter and Pinterest.  She has published a book on Amazon titled Build Business Relationships and Business on Facebook. Click here to get your copy today!

She enjoys coaching firms on social media while managing our national and international firms’ social media. Take advantage of a sneak peak of her coaching expertise by registering for a webinar package that works for you!

As a former banker and award winning loan officer, Jessica is an avid community volunteer who truly believes in the power of giving.  She and her family have established their home in Colorado.  Jessica is personally invested in taking her business to the next level in 2014 and every year thereafter.  Why don’t you take time to invest your company’s future by building business and relationships making your clients say WOW right NOW! (Click here to take it to the next level and contact us directly!)